Regional Swimming Competions Enna Italy

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Nautilius and Istituto Comprensivo Statale “E. De Amicis” Primary School – Enna Italy

Learning from an early age together with peers is a great opportunity for children. Over the years the relationship with water loses spontaneity and letting go becomes more difficult.
Swimming is also the most recommended sport for healthy and harmonious growth: it helps to increase respiratory capacity and muscle structure. Knowing how to swim is also important for safety, to stay calm in the pool, but also to the sea.

Course for LIFEGUARD ASSISTANT for IIS Abramo Lincoln – Liceo Linguistico Enna -Italy

the Lifeguard Assistant is the specialist who watches over the safety of those who frequent swimming pools and seaside or lake bathing establishments; capable and experienced in the rescue operations of those who are in a dangerous situation in the water

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Nautilius 4th Meeting ended – Edirne Turkey

Next and Final Meeting in Italy, in November 2019 where the Final Conference of the project will take place.

Nautilius’ 4th Meeting- 3rd Workshop – Edirne Turkey

Nautilius’ 4th Meeting- 3rd Workshop started on May 20, in Edirne, Turkey. During the Workshop the partnership will share their Good Practices on its theme “Social inclusion of people with disabilities through sport”. The workshop also attended Özge Üstün, a paralympicathlete , who shared her experience. Her story willalso be included in the Guide of the GoodPractices.

In the second day of the 4th meeting and 3rd workshop, the partners participated in the first part of the seminar on the topic Social inclusion of disabled people through sport.

Articles were published by Turkish newspapers about the realisation of Nautilius “4th Meeting -3rd Workshop”

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2nd Local Seminar of Nautilius – Palermo Italy

On the 17 th of May the 2nd Local Seminar of Nautilius took place in Palermo . The seminar was dedicated to presenting the Best Practices on “Mental and Physical Wellbeing through swimming”.


Invitation Letter 2nd Local Seminar -Palermo Murgano

Nautilius’ 4th Meeting – 3rd Workshop Edirne Turkey

2nd Seminar Erasmus+ SPORT Nautilius – Essenia UETP Italy

Some photos from the second local seminar “Mental and Physical Wellbeing through swimming” organized by Essenia Uetp in Salerno

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