4 July 2018 archive

Meeting in Katerini – 02 July 2018

Today Andreas Papanikolaou who is a member of the Directorate of Secondary Education of Pieria met the Vice-Governor of Pieria, Σοφία Ι. Μαυρίδου and Savas Karipidis, who is responsible for Sport Issues. During this meeting Mrs Mauridou and Mr Karipidis were informed about Nautilius, its objectives, activities and they expressed their support in Nautilius project.

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Some of the activities realized in this first YEAR, we wait for the next event : TPM in ENNA

Erasmus+ JOY Estonia JUNE 2018

European day May 2018 Sport and Inclusion

Erasmus+ Inclusion against exclusion Italy: May 2018

Conference in Salerno Intemis Inclusion: School and Sport

Ict and Nautilius Turkey: May 2018

Paralimpic regional championship FINP and FISDIR